Circular Economy

In 2018, we continued to infuse our product life cycle with circular principles, from R&D to end-of-life services.

Our commitment to circular principles is embedded in our 2018 – 2020 Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI). This commitment spans 21 initiatives that align with United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We join the global community in an effort to alleviate poverty, protect the planet, and bring about global peace and prosperity.

Here are our key Circular Economy initiatives for 2018 – 2020:

  • Enhanced recycling and take-back initiatives
  • Significant expansion of our Green PremiumTM product program

Going circular, around the world

To deliver on our promise, we applied circular economy principles across our global value chain, from energy management, to research and development, to end-of-life recycling programs. We also track and externally audit our industrial activities so that we can be sure we're hitting the mark.

These actions aren’t peripheral sustainability measures — they’re core to our business. By focusing on green design, green manufacturing, and circular services, we equip Schneider's business for an uncertain energy and resource landscape. In fact, these practices are so beneficial to our business that we were able to exceed our 2018 benchmarks by 30 percent.

How do we make these savings possible?

  • ecoFit, our modernization program, extends equipment longevity.
  • Enhanced recycling and take-back services ensure old equipment stays out of landfills.
  • Green product design reduces the need for new resource inputs.

Setting a standard for circular principles

Through our Green Premium program, we improve the environmental performance of our products, services, and solutions. We have integrated eco-design principles into our offer creation process, thereby allowing us to consider environmental criteria during the design phase. These considerations in turn enhance circular performance and minimize the environmental impact of our offers.

Schneider's Green Premium program provides our customers with eco-friendly products that are also more durable, upgradeable, or both. By ensuring longer product lifetimes, we help customers minimize total cost of ownership.  Beyond the product level, our solutions harness IoT connectivity to drive energy efficiency, ensure intelligent natural resource management, and thus shrink our customers’ CO2 footprints.

The Green Premium program ensures our offers:

  • Deliver environmental value propositions to our customers
  • Provide transparency on the content of product materials
  • Feature 360˚ environmental information, such as carbon footprint data
  • Comply with or surpass regulations (e.g., REACH, RoHS, Prop 65)
  • Offer end-of-life management options for enhanced recyclability

Our 2018 achievements
against our 2020 goals




of our sales fall under our new Green Premium program.



metric tons of avoided primary resource consumption through ecoFit, recycling, and take-back programs