Our Leadership

Our executive committee

(As of February 13, 2019)

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Babeau

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Finance and Legal Affairs 

Olivier Blum

Executive Vice President
Global Human Resources

Hervé Coureil

Executive Vice President

Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Executive Vice President

Chris Leong

Executive Vice President
Global Marketing

Leonid Mukhamedov

Executive Vice President

Mourad Tamoud

Executive Vice President
Global Supply Chain

Annette Clayton

Executive Vice President
North America Operations

Barbara Frei-Spreiter

Executive Vice President
Europe Operations

Christel Heydemann

Executive Vice President
France Operations

Luc Rémont

Executive Vice President
International Operations

Zheng Yin

Executive Vice President
China Operations

Frédéric Abbal

Executive Vice President

Philippe Delorme

Executive Vice President
Energy Management

Peter Herweck

Executive Vice President
Industrial Automation

Board of directors

Schneider Electric's board of directors determines the strategic orientation of our business, oversees its implementation, and examines all matters related to the efficient operation of our business.

As of December 31, 2018, the board of directors has 13 members, and one non-voting member — Mr. Lip-Bu Tan.

  • Jean Pascal Tricoire
  • Léo Apotheker
  • Betsy Atkins
  • Cécile Cabanis
  • Antoine Gosset-Grainville
  • Fred Kindle
  • Willy Kissling
  • Linda Knoll
  • Xiaoyun Ma
  • Patrick Montier
  • Fleur Pellerin
  • Anders Runevad
  • Gregory Spierkel

In our very challenging world and given the urgency of the climate crisis as a daily reminder that we all must take action, more and more investors are looking for companies that have real and tangible sustainable goals. Today, they are also convinced that sustainable companies are showing better results than others. It is key that investors understand the value the Group is creating for people and the planet. Thanks to the Schneider Sustainability Impact and the good score reached in 2018, the performance of the Group is recognized in all its dimensions and we have decided to raise further the Group’s ambitions for the next years. 

Léo Apotheker

Board of Directors,
Schneider Electric