Yousuf, we promise to help people care for their families.

Our Health & Equity focus

In developing countries, human health will be increasingly affected by climate change. Other countries will face increased stress and lifestyle-based disorders. We intend to offset this with proactive policies to support employees around the world.

The Health & Equity megatrend focuses on Schneider Electric's greatest resource — our people. We’re taking action to establish work / life balance while providing equal opportunity for today’s workforce, and the next generation.

Well-being in the workplace is too often overlooked. We introduced a new People Vision in 2018 to transform the way we work, because creating a sustainable workforce means prioritizing employee wellness. Discover the actions we're taking to sustain an energized workforce and progress toward the Health & Equity promises we’ve made through 2020.

Today's employees expect more.

Linda Knoll

Chief Human Resources Officer
Fiat Chrysler, and Schneider Electric board member

Our Health & Equity action

The 2018 – 2020 Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI) includes our Health & Equity commitments, which ensure our employees feel safe, uniquely valued, and empowered for success. By 2020, we commit to …


scored in our Employee Engagement Index.


of employees have access to a comprehensive well-being at work program.


of employees are working in countries that have fully deployed our Global Family Leave Policy.


of employees are working in a country with commitment and process in place to achieve gender pay equity.


of workers received 15 hours of learning in the year with 30% digital learning.


of white-collar workers have an individual development plan.


medical incidents per million hours worked.